Hiring A Rails Tutor

(& Postponing Private School)

Investing In Your Child's Future

Ordinarily, having a tutor take your child through three or four years of reading instruction would be prohibitively expensive--partly because the "curriculum" (if any is used at all) forms usable memory slowly. Still, tutoring is much more effective per hour than factory instruction, especially for children who have trouble staying focused, like Charlie Brown: "Mwa mwaaah, mwa-mwamwamwa, mwaaah." records sample A good guess is that Rails tutoring is about four times faster than regular tutoring. If that's true, a Rails tutor who charges 100.00/hour for one hour (total 100 dollars) is teaching as much as an ordinary tutor who charges who charges 50.00/hour for four hours (total 200.00 dollars). In other words, Rails tutoring is much less expensive because it's more efficient.

Your Rails tutor will charge you 44.00 an hour. If that seems high, remember she plans every session in advance. Deciding which ten exercises a child should do next gets pretty hairy after performance records like those at left have been accumulating for a few months. Even with color coded data and good computer skills, it requires judgment and extensive training.

If your child's reading aptitude is anywhere near average and he or she has just begun learning, the odds are about four out of five that he or she will reach a 3rd-grade level within 100 hours. Fast learners finish in about 36 hours. Many beginners are so young that their sessions last only 15 minutes. Most parents have very busy lives. They wind up skipping some sessions for a variety of important reasons, so the tables below show your maximum cost per week.

Max Weekly Cost of 30-Minute Sessions
Sessions/Wk 1 per wk 2 per wk 3 per wk 4 per wk 5 per wk 6 per wk
cost per week 22.00 44.00 66.00 88.00 110.00 132.00

Max Weekly Cost of 15-Minute Sessions
Sessions/Wk 1 per wk 2 per wk 3 per wk 4 per wk 5 per wk 6 per wk
cost per week 11.00 22.00 33.00 44.00 55.00 66.00

Evaluate Rails For Free

Your initial consultation should take place when your child is home. That way, he or she can try it while you watch. You learn about your child's reaction and Rails at the same time.

After that initial evaluation, your next two hours of Zoom tutoring are also free. If you decide to stop right then, there is no charge. Afterwards, parents pay with either Zelle or Cash App. Once your child gets ahead of his peers, he naturally concludes he is good at reading. That makes him want to pay attention in class and show off at every opportunity. To schedule your evaluation, contact someone who can answer your remaining questions and schedule your free consultation.